Fall & Spring Clean Up

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Fall & Spring Clean Up

At Wenke Landscaping, we provide essential Fall and Spring Cleanup services tailored to keep your landscape beautiful and healthy year-round. During Fall Cleanup, we meticulously clear all leaves and stick debris from your property. Depending on your preference, we can either dispose of the leaves in a designated wooded area or remove them using our specialized vacuum trailer. This ensures your landscape is pristine and prepared for the winter months. As spring arrives, we focus on rejuvenating your landscape by clearing winter debris and preparing for new growth. Our Spring Cleanup services are customizable to include perennial care, precise shrub trimming, fresh mulching, thorough weeding, and vibrant annual plantings. These tailored services are designed to enhance both the aesthetic appeal

Our Services

Fall Cleanups: Refresh and Clear

As autumn leaves fall, Wenke Landscaping is here to keep your property pristine. Our Fall Cleanup service focuses on thoroughly blowing away all leaves and stick debris from your lawn and landscaping. We meticulously collect and remove this debris, leaving your property clean and well-maintained as we transition into winter.

Spring Cleanups: Renew and Revitalize

Spring heralds a time of renewal, and our Spring Cleanup service is designed to rejuvenate your landscape. We start by clearing away winter’s leftover leaves and twigs, ensuring your lawn and garden spaces are neat and ready for new growth.

Customizable Spring Services:

Perennial Care: We clean up old, dead perennial debris, making way for fresh growth in plants like hostas and daylilies.

Shrub Trimming:

Our team expertly trims shrubs to encourage healthy development and maintain aesthetic appeal.


A fresh layer of mulch not only beautifies your landscape but also supports soil health and plant growth.


We meticulously remove weeds, preparing your beds for a vibrant season.

Annual Color Plantings:

We meticulously remove weeds, preparing your beds for a vibrant season.

Frequently Asked


What does Wenke Landscaping's Fall Cleanup service entail?

Wenke Landscaping’s Fall Cleanup focuses on meticulously clearing all fallen leaves and sticks from your property. Our thorough process ensures that your lawn and landscaping are left pristine, preparing them for the upcoming winter season.


What does the Spring Cleanup service include?

Our Spring Cleanup service is tailored to refresh and ready your landscape for new growth. We efficiently remove all remnants of winter, such as leftover leaves and twigs, setting the stage for a vibrant and healthy garden in the coming months.


Can you detail the Customizable Spring Services offered by Wenke Landscaping?

Our Customizable Spring Services encompass a range of care, including Perennial Care for reviving old plants, expert Shrub Trimming for healthy growth, Mulching to enrich soil and plant health, Weeding to prepare beds for a flourishing season, and the option of adding new Annual Plantings for enhanced color and vibrancy.


Why is mulching included in your spring services, and what benefits does it offer?

Mulching is a key component of our spring services, offering both beauty and functionality. It helps in retaining soil moisture, regulating temperature, preventing erosion, and suppressing weeds, thereby promoting a healthy and attractive landscape.


Can Wenke Landscaping assist with the installation of new plants?

Absolutely. Wenke Landscaping offers the installation of new annuals as part of our customizable spring services. This addition brings a burst of color and energy to your garden, rejuvenating and revitalizing your landscape for the spring season.


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