Wenke Landscaping

kalamazoo landscapers
kalamazoo landscapers

Rooted in Tradition, Growing in Innovation

At Wenke Landscaping, we blend a rich family heritage in the green industry with modern landscaping artistry. Our roots in Kalamazoo and Comstock stretch back four generations, beginning with the esteemed Wenke Greenhouse. Today, we’ve expanded from humble beginnings in lawn care to become leaders in landscape construction and design.

Our Evolution: From Lawn Care to Landscape Mastery

What started as a simple lawn mowing service in high school has flourished into a full-scale landscaping company. We specialize in creating beautiful outdoor spaces, ranging from residential gardens to commercial landscapes, with services like retaining walls and paver patios installation.

Personalized Landscaping for Every Client

Our approach to landscaping is personal and collaborative. We understand that each project is unique, and we dedicate ourselves to bringing your vision to life. Whether enhancing a home’s outdoor space or transforming a commercial property, our team is committed to excellence and client satisfaction.

kalamazoo landscapers

Why Choose Us?


A Rich Local Legacy

Our deep roots in the Kalamazoo community enrich every project with a unique understanding of the local landscape and a commitment to quality.


From Small Beginnings to Diverse Services

Our growth from a lawn mowing service to a versatile landscaping provider showcases our capability to adapt and excel in various projects, always aiming to exceed client expectations.


Tailored Solutions

Drawing from our extensive experience, we provide customized landscaping services that beautifully merge your vision with our expertise.